Work Parties

The Redwood Unit acquires most of its volunteer hours by participating in work parties. The Unit volunteers to maintain local equine friendly trails and camps. By working with Federal, State, and local land management agencies, we coordinate work parties, volunteers, tools and time to maximize the maintenance levels of our public lands.

One of the Redwood Unit's main work events is the work party at the Stanshaw camp and surrounding trails. Mort Scott, our Public Liason, works with Bob Hemus of the USFS to gain support for our repairs and access to the Stanshaw area. Months of perparation and planning are dedicated to deciding which repairs are needed, which repairs can be done, and what supplies and materials are needed. We usually spend the 4th of July week at Stanshaw, making repairs in the camp to corrals, water pipes and systems, outhouses and conducting general maintenance on other in-camp utilities, as well as clearing and maintaining the trails to and from the camp. All supplies, tools, and personal camping equimpment is packed in via horseback, as there are no roads to Stanshaw.

Recently, our Unit has been contacted about adding the Ten Bear equine camp to our work party agenda. Ten Bear is another equine friendly camp near Stanshaw. We are excited about this new opportunity, and are pursuing the chance to add to our list of projects!

See the Newsletter for more information about upcoming work parties!

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